Today Gold Rate in Faisalabad 2022

The daily gold rate in Faisalabad is Rs. 77,244.31 per tola for 24K gold. This price is based on the Faisalabad sarafa market gold rate.

The 22K gold price is Rs. 60,707.00 per 10 Gram. The value of a tola of gold is different from that of a tola of white gold, which costs Rs. 99,809.

Gold Rate in Faisalabad

How To Buy Gold And Sale In Faisalabad – Full Guide

The price of gold in different cities of Pakistan varies. The rate in one city may be higher or lower than in another city.

The gold dealer in Faisalabad will be able to give you a more accurate price. If you are looking for a particular amount of gold, make sure to check the price at your local market.

The Sarafa market is the place to buy and sell gold. It is the most reliable source of information about the current gold rate in Pakistan.

Gold rates vary from city to city. The Faisalabad gold rate is similar to other cities in Pakistan. If you need an exact price for your gold, visit a local gold dealer in your area.

Besides, the price of the precious metal can be quite different in different areas. To get a more accurate price, ask the dealer to give you a written quote. This way, you’ll be able to compare prices between different locations in Pakistan.

There are many places where you can get gold in Pakistan. Faisalabad is a very popular location for buying gold.

The price in the city is the same as the rate in other cities. Getting the latest price in Faisalabad is as easy as a few clicks. You can check the gold rate of your city online to get an accurate quote. The best way to compare the prices of gold is to visit a local gold shop.

24 Carat Gold Rate in Faisalabad

The 24-carat gold rate in Pakistan will be the same as the rate in other cities. The price of a tola of gold in Faisalabad is 77,244.31 per tola.

22 Carat Gold Rate in Faisalabad

Per 10 Gram: Rs. 60,707.00

The 22 Carat gold price in Pakistan is Rs. 118250 per tola. In fact, the Faisalabad gold rate is based on the international market. This price is also available in other provinces of Pakistan.

Today’s gold rate in Pakistan is 122800 PKR per tola. The value of gold is regulated by several local taxes. The price of gold in Pakistan is subject to entry and Octroi charges. It is also subject to wealth tax if the value of the tola is higher than Rs. 30 lakh.

If you own a tola, you should pay the tax. It is compulsory to pay these taxes if you want to sell it in the country.

The gold price in Pakistan is set by Karachi, the main hub of the country’s gold market. The price of gold in Pakistan is determined by the Karachi Sarafa Bazar Association, which is the association that manages the gold markets in the country.

These rates are the same for the various cities in Pakistan, as they are compiled at the London Bullion Market. Sometimes, the IMF has an impact on the gold price in Karachi.

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