Today Gold Rate in Gujranwala 2022

If you are looking for the latest gold rate in Pakistan, you have come to the right place. Here you will find the current rate of gold in Gujranwala, Punjab.

The current rate of gold is based on the weight and purity of gold and is calculated based on the price in the international market. For example, a 10-gram piece of 24k is worth 106,996 Rupees, while a tola weighs 124,800 Rupees.

Gold Rate in Gujranwala

Available Different Types of Gold Rate in Gujranwala

There are many different types of gold available in Gujranwala, Pakistan, and you can easily find the best quality and the lowest price of gold there.

The 24K gold rate in Gujranwala is Rs. 112,740 per gram, while the 22K gold rate is Rs. 103,345 per gram. The price of the precious metal will vary, depending on its quality.

The gold rate in Pakistan varies in every city. The rate for a tola in Karachi is Rs. 12,2800, while that of gold in Gujranwala is Rs. 122880 per tola.

This rate is based on the current price in the local market. The price of a tola of gold in Gujranwala is based on a Carat.

21K Gold Rate in Gujranwala

The 21K gold rate in Gujranwala is Rs. 105,233 per 10 gram, which is 87.5% pure. This price is used for jewelry and other important uses.

The rate of 21K gold in Gujranwala is approximately 8,75 Carats. This rate is higher than the 750 Karachi Gold Rate. The price of gold in Gujranwala is based on the London Bullion Market.

The price of gold in Gujranwala is determined by the All Sindh Saraf Jewellers Association, which sets prices in the city six days a week.

The local gold price reflects the value of the rupee, which is the currency used in Pakistan. The cost of a tola is equal to one gram of the precious metal, and its ounce is equivalent to one gram.

There are various cities in Pakistan where you can find the latest gold price. You can also visit the finance updates website to get the most recent information on gold rates in Pakistan.

In the case of Karachi, the gold price is 100,500 PKR per gram. The rate of 22-Carat in Gujranwala is 107,444 PKR. This is the most common gold price in the country.

The price of gold in Pakistan has increased in the last few years. The country’s cultural ties with the Middle East and China have contributed to its high demand for precious metals.

In addition, gold prices in different cities of the country vary, but these rates are usually set by the specific Sarafa markets in the city. For example, the price of gold in Karachi is determined by the price of the ounce.

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