Today Gold Rate in Peshawar 2022

The gold rate in Peshawar is very similar to other cities in Pakistan. However, you should visit a local dealer for accurate information.

Gold Rate in Peshawar

Gold Rate in Peshawar 24K And 22K

You can check this rate at the International Market and Sarafa market in Peshawar. This rate is calculated using the price of 24K gold.

The rate of 22K gold is much lower. You can find out the current price on the daily Times website. You can also find the latest gold rates at BOL News.

The current 24K gold rate in Peshawar is Rs. 110,940 per 10 Gram and 129,400 per tola. The price of 22K gold in Peshawar is Rs. 118,616 per tola.

The price of gold fluctuates quite regularly. There are various types of gold and their prices vary accordingly. The most common types are 24K, 22K, 21K, 20K, 18K, and 10K.

The currency of Pakistan is regarded as weak and always higher than other international currencies. As a result, the gold rate in Peshawar has not been consistent over time.

The Pakistani Rupee is a strong currency, which means that the value of the gold in Pakistan will fall. The price of 21k gold is 88 percent pure gold. The price of a one-ounce coin is around $580.

22k Gold Rate in Peshawar

The price of 22k gold in Peshawar is 118,616 Rupees per tola.

24k Gold Rate in Peshawar

The price of 10 Gram of 24k gold is 110,940 Rs.

A tola of 24K gold costs 129,400 PKR. You can find the latest gold rate in Peshawar on the Daily Times’ news site. The rates of the metal in Peshawar are reported by the London Bullion Market (LBM).

Investing in gold is a common practice in Pakistan. The most popular type of gold is yellow. Other colors of the metal include white, rose, and green.

The prices of these precious metals in Pakistan vary with the availability of gold. In the last few years, gold prices have fluctuated by over 100 percent. If you are a jewelry lover, buying gold is a good investment.

In Pakistan, the gold rate is PKR 11,415 per tola. The gold price in Pakistan has risen in recent years due to the increasing demand for gold.

As gold prices in Pakistan increase, the value of the currency is also expected to rise. While Pakistani gold is currently higher than its counterparts in other countries, the price is still lower in some countries. This is a good time to invest in precious metals in Pakistan.

The gold rate in Pakistan is set by the Karachi Sarafa Bazar Association. The price of gold depends on the value of the US dollar. It varies from city to city.

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