Free Rashan Ekyc Update

Free Rashan Ekyc Update Process: Do KYC of Food Security Scheme in 2 minutes, see complete step by step information here

Free Rashan Ekyc Update Process: Food Security Scheme E KYC: Now a big information has been issued by the government for all the beneficiaries of the families receiving free ration in Rajasthan. Now all the beneficiaries of Rajasthan receiving free ration through the Food Security Scheme will have to get eKYC done.

Through this scheme, e-KYC will be done through Aadhaar. In this scheme, KYC will have to be done by putting a finger so that next time ration will be received for free. Anyone who has not done e-KYC will not get a ration. It is important to get e-KYC done to get ration, so you stay with us to take advantage of this scheme, we will tell you complete information about the scheme.

New E KYC Update for Food Security Scheme E KYC

After complaints of irregularities during the distribution of wheat and other materials, the department has now started the eKYC system to prevent fraud in distribution. All the beneficiaries of the state will now have to go to any nearest ration dealer and get eKYC done with the Aadhar card in the POS machine.

If a consumer does not get his/her KYC done, he/she will stop getting ration material after June. The department will now do e-KYC of all the family members of the eligible beneficiaries in the district through the fair price shopkeepers to see how many people are eligible and are getting the benefit. After getting information about the fraud, the department can also delete the names from the ration card. After e-KYC, their name will also be removed from the ration card.

Food Security Scheme E KYC Update

The Food and Civil Supplies Department has become alert after receiving complaints of irregularities during the distribution of wheat through ration in the state. Through this, to bring transparency in the food security scheme, eKYC of the eligible beneficiaries of food security is being done at all the fair price shops of the state. It is mandatory to get KYC done by June 30. Now the ration dealer will provide ration to all the beneficiaries of the state at the ration shop only when all of them get eKYC done.

Free ration e KYC process

All the members of the family included in the food security list should take their Aadhar card to their nearest ration dealer and get their KYC done. If any member of a family is in another city or other place in the state for some reason, then he can get his KYC done with his Aadhar card from any ration dealer there.

For KYC not all the members of the family need to go to the ration dealer together, they can get their KYC done anytime at their convenience before 30th June. People who have died and their family members are consuming the ration i.e. wheat in their name. Not only this, there are many such names in the families included in the food security list whose daughters were married many years ago but they are still taking ration. Therefore, after eKYC their names will automatically be removed from the food security list.

Food security scheme e KYC last date

The Supreme Court has said that the limit for adding names to the food security list has been reached due to the addition of fake names of many members in the ration card holder families included in the food security list, due to which many actual names are left out and the site for adding names has been closed for the past two years. In such a situation, the department will have to include names in the list by June 30 and submit their report to the court.

Now the KYC process has to be completed by June 30 only then the beneficiaries of the state will be able to get free ration and other ration materials in the coming month, so before the last date, you must complete the KYC process by informing your family members and other nearby members.


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