PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity Scheme

PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity Scheme 2024: Government is giving an amount of more than Rs 75,000, apply soon

PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana 2024: PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity Scheme is a new initiative started by the Government of India. This scheme has been launched recently and at this time many citizens are applying for it. By April, more than one crore citizens had completed the registration and this number is continuously increasing.

Citizens who do not know about this scheme should take advantage of it by getting information about it. Under this scheme, citizens will get 300 units of electricity for free and a subsidy of Rs 18,000 to Rs 78,000 will be given for installing solar panels. Let us know about this scheme in detail.

PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity Scheme 2024

This scheme was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 13 February 2024. This is an important scheme which will solve many problems and provide many benefits to the citizens.

The biggest benefit is that this scheme will provide relief to the citizens in electricity bills and electricity will also be available as per requirement. Those who are unable to arrange the full amount to install solar panels will be able to get solar panels installed at a lower cost by taking advantage of the subsidy.

PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana 2024 Benefits

  1. The government has allocated a sum of over Rs 75,000 crore to cover one crore families.
  2. People benefiting from this scheme will be able to get free electricity up to 300 units.
  3. By installing solar panels, the problem of power cuts will be eliminated.
  4. Different subsidy amounts have been fixed for solar panels of different kilowatts.

PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity Scheme 2024 Eligibility

  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen.
  • None of the family members should have availed of solar panel subsidy.
  • The citizen must have his bank account and Aadhar card.
  • The citizen must have a house with a roof.

PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity Scheme 2024 Apply Process

  1. Visit the official website to submit the application form.
  2. Enter the Electricity Distribution Company, State, Mobile Number, Email ID, Electricity Bill Number, etc. 3. By Entering the Mobile Number and Consumer Number.
  3. Enter all the information and submit the form.
  4. Wait for discom approval.
  5. Apply for the net meter.
  6. Complete the net meter installation.
  7. Get the commissioning certificate after inspection by DISCOM.
  8. Submit bank details and canceled cheques on the portal.
  9. The subsidy amount will be sent to your bank account within 30 days.

Some important facts related to PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity Scheme

  • This scheme aims to benefit one crore families.
  • The subsidy available for installing solar panels can range from Rs 18,000 to Rs 78,000.
  • Citizens will get the benefit of free electricity for up to 300 units, which will reduce the cost of electricity bills.
  • There will be relief from the problem of power cuts, especially in those areas where power cuts are frequent.

PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity Scheme is an important initiative that will not only help solve the electricity problem but will also provide financial relief to the citizens. To avail of the benefits of this scheme, all eligible citizens should apply quickly and take full advantage of this opportunity. This scheme will also help reduce the energy crisis of the country and promote the use of green energy.


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